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Software Complexity

Tackling Complexity in Software Engineering

Hi All,

I’m a software engineering leader and writer. I've worked at companies at pretty much every size and scale you can imagine from a global financial/insurance company to a small agency that built MVP and V1 software for startups. I even co-founded a startup and while it didn't make it big I learned some of my most valuable lessons during that time.

I've spent much of my career as an individual contributor even as I took on more and more leadership responsibilities. As a leader I still like to keep one leg firmly planted on the technical side by guiding organizations to reduce complexity in the systems and software they produce.

I recently started this blog to capture the research and experience I have compiled about software complexity with the intent of eventually turning this content into a book. Please consider subscribing to keep up with the progress and to get a notification when that day finally arrives!

For more information on my background and current career endeavors you can see my LinkedIn profile.